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Till We Meet Again
A children's book about death and grieving.


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Julie Muller


Julie Muller lives in rural Manitoba, Canada, where she is a wife and mother of three growing boys. The writing of this book came to her in a moment of inspiration and was an unexpected gift that later provided comfort for her and her family when they lost their Grandmother a few months later. This book is meant to help a grieving child remember the precious memories of their loved one and to help them grow and see how they can honor and cherish their loved ones through their own actions. Much love and hope has been poured into this book to help young children deal with loss and provide hope that someday they will see their loved one again.

Camryn Cox


Camryn is a young artist, and Julie’s niece. From a young age Camryn has been interested in sketching and painting, so it was a natural fit to have her work on this project. We decided to use silhouettes in her paintings so that any child could picture themselves in this book. The white hummingbird represents the spirit and on the final page the hummingbird has been fully transformed in spirit and is now complete.